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The Newspaper in Education program at the Post Register promotes literacy by offering teachers the newspaper at NO CHARGE as an extra teaching supplement in the classroom. Sponsorship of your local school makes it possible for over 268,000 papers to be delivered each year. Each dollar donated makes it possible to provide 10 papers!

Below are 2012 school year requests from local teachers.  Support your favorite school or classroom!  Contact Morgan Ong at 542-6730 for details on how you can “Sponsor a School or Classroom”.


AH Bush Elementary $77.43 Madison Jr. High $189.02
Ammon Elementary $152.67 Midway Elementary $201.74
Basin High School $152.67 Midway Middle School $280.26
Blackfoot High School $195.20 Mountain Valley Elementary $65.43
Bonneville High School $1,521.61 Mountain View Middle School $209.01
Bridgewater Elementary $107.96 North Fremont Jr/Sr High $210.83
Butte High School $112.32 Rigby High School $121.05
Butte Middle School $74.88 Rigby Jr. High $127.59
Central Elementary $79.97 Rimrock Elementary $177.32
Central High School $365.68 Ririe High School $224.64
Challis Elementary $238.08 Ririe Middle School $183.57
Challis High School $88.33 River View Elementary $55.25
Clair E. Gale Jr. High $750.35 Roberts Elementary $1.74
Clark County $203.85 Rocky Mountain Middle $381.68
Cloverdale Elementary $547.58 South Fremont High School $217.01
Eagle Rock Jr. High $513.12 Salmon High School $126.50
Edgemont Elementary $101.78 Salmon Middle School $167.94
EITC Adult Education $236.28 Sandcreek Middle School $146.17
Emerson $657.21 Shelley High School $479.82
Falls Valley Elementary $134.86 Skyline High School $906.39
Firth High School $44.80 Snake River Montessori $81.79
Firth Middle School $37.80 Southfork Elementary $205.38
Fox Hollow Elementary $40.71 Stewart Elementary $237.73
Gustafson House $132.31 Sunnyside Elementary $179.21
Harwood Elementary $278.70 Sunrise Elementary $165.76
Hawthorne Elementary $233.37 Swan Valley Elementary $219.59
Henry’s Fork Elementary $109.05 Taylors Crossing Charter $153.05
Hillcrest High School $1,021.68 Taylorview Jr. High $403.96
Hillview Elementary $114.50 Telford Academy $77.06
Hobbs Middle School $75.61 Terreton Elementary $83.30
Holy Rosary $87.34 Teton Elementary $170.12
Idaho Falls High School $849.33 Teton High School $234.43
Independence Alternative HS $213.74 Teton Middle School $82.88
Jefferson High School $162.85 Teton Peaks Academy $267.17
Juniper Hills High School $326.28 Tie Breaker Elementary $138.13
Leodore School $67.61 West Jefferson High School $406.00
Lincoln High School $387.85 Westside Elementary $257.08
Longfellow Elementary $82.15 White Pine Charter School $71.97
Mackay High School $513.63 Woodland Hills Elementary $48.71
Madison Academy $139.44 3-B Juvenile Detention $149.62
Madison High School $546.27 5 County Detention $90.15

***Based on 2010-2011 school year.  Requests for 2011-2012 currently being processed.

Education Inserts

The NIE Diversity Education Tab featuring CommUNITY Festival 2011 inserted in the 9/20/11 Post Register.  For additional classroom copies call 542-6730.

Community Fest Tab


The Earth Day Activity Guide inserted in the Post Register on April 12, 2011.  Educators, call 542-6730 or e mail to order classroom copies.

Zoo lOGO

The Tautphaus Park Zoo Visitors and EdZOOcation Guide inserted in the Post Register on April 14, 2011. Check it out and see what’s new at the Zoo!!  See the schedule for all Summer Zoo Education and Camps.

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“Ask A Scientist” presented in the Post Register each Tuesday by:



The Phenomenal Physics Fair students with winning displays received a trip to Lagoon, and the opportunity to compete for prizes and scholarships at Physics Day!  Thanks to all who participated, and congratulations to our winners!

Lagoon Physics Day Winners

Brooke Franco and Annie Merril/Taylorview – 1st Place Logo Design

Emily Fielding and Chantal Wahlquist/Clair E. Gale - 1st Place Physics Demo

Phenomenal Physics Fair Winners

Amber Griffin/Eagle Rock - Ride Demo

Debbie Patty/Eagle Rock – Physics Demo

Kyle Heubner/Clair E. Gale – Physics Demo

Stephen Denison/Clair E. Gale – Physics Demo

Jessica Olsen/Clair E. Gale – Physics Demo

Sydney Burtenshaw/Clair E. Gale – Physics Demo

Chantal Wahlquist/Clair E. Gale – Physics Demo

Emily Fielding/Clair E. Gale – Physics Demo

Caleb Child/Clair E. Gale – Physics Demo

Riley Brasse/Clair E. Gale – Physics Demo

Brooke Franco/Taylorview – Logo Design

Annie Merril/Taylorview – Logo Design

MacKenzie O’Bleness/Idaho Falls High School – Logo Design

Shayla Meek/Taylorview – Egg Drop

Linley Baker/Taylorview – Egg Drop

Conner Dewer/Taylorview – Egg Drop

Travis Austad/Taylorview – Egg Drop